Michelle & Allan Wedding: Cyprus & Ribby Hall, Lancashire.

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Michelle & Allan

Michelle and Allan are an absolutely gorgeous couple with big open heart`s and choosing Cyprus in the city of Paphos for their holiday wedding was an easy decision as they both have been their before.  The stunning Constantinou Bros Athena Hotel and its beautiful beach was the perfect place for this occasion. In the morning of their big day the weather had a rare overcast and as the day unfolded the inevitable happened; the classic beach wedding was not to be, however that didn't dampen their spirits and the day was approached with sunny smiles. This being my second time photographing a wedding, was an uplifting and hilarious experience, seeing family and friends laughing and sharing memorable moments together. It truly didn't matter about the rain in the slightest, and proves as I also believe; one of the most important things about weddings are the people involved.